Camera Whore

Camera Whore

Camera Whore

Megan, a 21-year-old office clerk from Carlisle, Pennsylvania, calls herself a camera whore, which means that in this video, she's simply playing a hard-to-get, coy bitch before she finally does what she wants to do all along: strip naked so we can see her firm B-cup tits and meaty, pink pussy.

When the video opens, Megan is standing outside a house, smoking a cigarette, telling her boyfriend to turn off his video camera. "You like what you see, huh?" Megan said. "I know what you're trying to do, and I'm not going to do it. Even though it's beautiful out and I am feeling a little frisky."

Of course, we know that Megan is going to do it, but the waiting makes it better as we watch Megan's cute little ass cheeks peeking out from below her white short shorts. She gets our dicks hard as she does an ass dance right into the camera, making that booty pop. It's just a matter of time, and before we know it, Megan's pussy is wide open and she has two fingers tucked deep inside her cock-tease pussy.

We suspect that on her best days, Megan is much more than a camera whore.

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Rita Daniels’ third DP!

Rita Daniels' third DP!

Rita Daniels' third DP!

This video attempts to answer the question, "Why do plumbers get all the good pussy?"

Actually, it doesn't attempt to answer that question at all. But it does teach us a lot of stuff.

For example, it teaches us that 66-year-old mother and grandmother Rita Daniels is one of the horniest women ever.

Oh, you already knew that. But did you know that at the start of this scene, Rita's pussy and ass are filled with toys?

It teaches us that Rita loves young cock. The dudes in this scene are a combined 59 years old, seven years younger than Rita's age.

You knew that, too. But did you know that they could barely keep up with her?

It teaches us that very few women in the world can suck and fuck like Rita.

Yeah, we know, you knew that. And the guys know it, too, after their balls have been drained.

And it proves that Rita, the most-fucked 60Plus MILF ever, is also the most-DP'd 60Plus MILF ever, having now been DP'd three times.

You probably suspected that might happen.

We love Rita. We love her beautiful face. We love her big tits and shaved pussy. We love that she'll do absolutely anything for our pleasure.

Because it's for her pleasure, too.

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Warm Front In Canada

Warm Front In Canada

Warm Front In Canada

It might be absolute zero outside but with Smiley Emma, there's always a warm front in Canada. A few of you may have noticed the skyline behind Smiley Emma. It's Toronto, if anyone is curious, but it doesn't compare to Smiley's wonders.

We always ask an XL Girl if she has any friends built like her.

"I have one friend who's kinda comparable, but she doesn't flaunt them like I do," webcam model Smiley Emma said. "I'm usually the only one in my group that has boobs. At least this big."

When the weather is nice, how would we see Smiley Emma when she goes out?

I might wear a low-cut top with some leggings underneath. Or I'll wear spaghetti-strap tank tops. Either way, there's always going to be some cleavage. I can't help it! I can't hide it! In the winter, I like to wear darker colors, and it is a chore to get these boobs into sweaters, but no matter what I wear, I always have huge cleavage, and that's a good thing.

"I love being told that my boobs are nice and full and round. And I've been told that I have really nice nipples for such big boobs because you usually see large nipples on large boobs, but I always get told that I have really nice nipples for the big boobs."

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